Did Brett Favre Underachieve?

I know, I know, the headline appears ridiculous at first, and you’re likely questioning my raising of the question. How can someone who won the NFL MVP a record three consecutive seasons, holds the record for the longest consecutive starting streak, and retired as the career leader in pass completions, pass attempts, passing yards, and […]

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Hampered Negotiations

About 57 days ago, I admitted I was looking forward to seeing Kevin Durant on the Phoenix Suns following his trade request from the Brooklyn Nets1. Nets owner Joseph Tsai (or 蔡崇信 if you prefer) made it clear he was staying, and Durant announced to the media shortly2 after that he would be. At the […]

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The Childhood of the NBA

What exactly constitutes the modern era of basketball? It’s a term you hear talking heads on television, content creators, and random commenters use in basketball debates, but there’s not even a consensus definition of this supposed era. Recurring readers may remember my examination1 of the early years of professional basketball and the biological terms used […]

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Better Late Than Never

I’ve noticed my basketball writings have a cyclical nature to them. It’s been 335 days since I’ve discussed basketball; my article “The Numerology Behind LeBron’s Number Change”1 was purely a numerological analysis of him switching from No. 23 to No. 6. The three basketball-related2 articles3 I published4 before the numerological breakdown that year were more […]

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Corporate Kombat

Initially, I began this prose under the title “The Pyrite Ratio” to express the increasing corporatization of big tech across social media platforms and other forms of entertainment. However, the subsequent coverage and creation of extensions that allow internet users to view the dislike count of videos on YouTube simultaneously dissuaded me from covering the […]

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Nullifying the Icon

Steve Borden, known better by his ring name Sting, likely wishes he could still brag about being the most high-profile wrestler who never wrestled for WWE. After getting his start in the wrestling business in ’85 in the outlaw promotion All-California Championship Wrestling, Sting quickly progressed through the National Wrestling Alliance territories, Continental Wrestling Association, […]

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Minnesota Needs a Makeover

The Minnesota Vikings franchise needs to purify itself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer entered the 2021 NFL season with a regular-season record of 64-47-1 or a 57.59 winning percentage. However, it’s fair to point out Zimmer missed the Week 13 match-up against the Cowboys during the 2016 season that […]

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Game Film: Mike Tyson’s 1986 Fights (Part Four)

Jimmy Jacobs and Bill Cayton had been expertly implementing Cus D’Amato’s deliberate strategy to get Tyson to become the youngest world heavyweight champion. With Don King’s influence, HBO established a tournament to crown an undisputed heavyweight champion; a perfect storm of circumstance was brewing that eventually led to Tyson’s unraveling, but not before he unified […]

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