Icon vs. Icon Was the Right Call

WrestleMania X8 was well-received upon its original air date on March 17th, 2002, and continues to be looked on fondly in fan retrospectives. However, despite generally being regarded as a good WrestleMania, it usually falls short of fans’ hypothetical top1 ten2 rankings3. Sometimes it’s even denigrated as a “one-match show,” which, aside from being untrue, […]

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Game Film: Mike Tyson’s 1986 Fights (Part Two)

Tyson began finding more nationwide exposure after his first appearance on Sports Illustrated, and his carefully managed matchmaking resulted in his highlights shown on cable television. His manager, Jimmy Jacobs, and his trainer, Kevin Rooney, were trusted friends of Cus D’Amato, continuing to see that D’Amato’s declarations of Tyson becoming the youngest heavyweight champion would […]

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