Retroactive Review: Batman (1989)

A big takeaway from my Sign o’ the Times review was the realization that Prince’s mindset and material recorded during this creative outburst sowed the seeds for the next decade of his career. These roots began to bloom just nine months later when he took the more passionate concepts from that stringent double album and […]

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Retroactive Review: Parade (1986)

After the perceived commercial failing of Around the World in a Day and a mixed response from critics, the safe bet is to get back to basics. The problem for Prince is, there is no “basics.” His fundamentals are sound enough, and his very nature is curious enough, that continued experimentation is the inevitable result […]

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Retroactive Review: 1999 (1982)

I once wrote that subtlety was only in the technicalities of Prince’s craft, and that we could enjoy content released for the sake of new content, provided they maintain quality. That’s all being flung out the window of the purple tinted party bus now, because once Prince’s manager, Bob Cavallo, suggested an overarching song and […]

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