Derailed Blazers

Until the Blazers went on a month-long 13-game winning streak from Valentine’s Day 2018 until March 18th, they were sitting on the sixth seed at 31-26. Great teams don’t usually string together four losing streaks of at least three games, mostly coming against playoff teams; they did. One of those losing streaks was a five-game […]

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Game Film: 1991 NBA Finals

It’s easy to say, and is often repeated verbatim, that this Finals was the “passing of the torch” between the ’80s and the ’90s. It’s hard to disagree, even when this sentiment is used mostly to prop up the beginning of Michael Jordan’s current demigod status. Before this, the Bulls franchise had never even been […]

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Houston Rockets: Apollo 8

A $2.4 million veteran minimum contract is all that is needed for the Rockets to sign an eroding Carmelo Anthony. Clint Capela potentially re-signing to a larger deal is the only thing preventing this franchise from further cementing themselves as the best chance out West to dethrone the Warriors, but much like Apollo 8, the […]

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LeBron’s Lakers

Earlier in the month, LeBron left Cleveland a second time, announcing he would sign with the Lakers on the first night of free agency before signing the official four-year, $154 million dollar contract on July 9th. The fourth year has a player option, but he’ll be 36 by then, and that year he’ll be making […]

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Roger’s 2018 NBA Awards

I wrote about the NBA just twice during the regular season, and one of them was technically a shitpost about Van Gundy being fired even though he hadn’t actually been fired. Hey, if the actual team media is going to make a bad joke on April Fool’s Day, then I’ll take it a step further […]

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I Was Wrong

The Celtics were eliminated 17 days ago in a seven-game Eastern Conference Finals, without their best player Kyrie Irving, or their second-best player, Gordon Hayward, who missed the entire season with a fractured tibia. I wrote about his injury, with a sarcastic quip as the headline, “Luck of the Irish,” centering the image of Hayward’s […]

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2018 NBA Finals, Game 3

It’s almost as if no one is interested in the Finals this year. After appearing on my friend Jumal’s No Smoke podcast1 following Game 1, it felt as if the Warriors popped the momentum balloon after getting the win in overtime. Game 2 only capitalized on that feeling, but I was only able to view […]

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Stan Van Is No Longer the Man

It’s Easter 2018, and yet, here I am writing about the NBA for the first time since the Gordon Hayward injury. It’s been a tumultuous, but fascinating season, unless you play for Detroit. The Pistons were expected to make the playoffs this year with an upgraded core, but half of them were replaced by Blake […]

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Luck of the Irish

Initially, I had planned to write about this Celtics team in July, post-Hayward, pre-Irving. Due to laziness, I let that opportunity slip by, but my patience was rewarded in late August, as were fans that were hopeful for an actual entertaining NBA season. Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas found themselves swapping places, and the Cavaliers […]

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