I Was Wrong

The Celtics were eliminated 17 days ago in a seven-game Eastern Conference Finals, without their best player Kyrie Irving, or their second-best player, Gordon Hayward, who missed the entire season with a fractured tibia. I wrote about his injury, with a sarcastic quip as the headline, “Luck of the Irish,” centering the image of Hayward’s […]

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2018 NBA Finals, Game 3

It’s almost as if no one is interested in the Finals this year. After appearing on my friend Jumal’s No Smoke podcast1 following Game 1, it felt as if the Warriors popped the momentum balloon after getting the win in overtime. Game 2 only capitalized on that feeling, but I was only able to view […]

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Stan Van Is No Longer the Man

It’s Easter 2018, and yet, here I am writing about the NBA for the first time since the Gordon Hayward injury. It’s been a tumultuous, but fascinating season, unless you play for Detroit. The Pistons were expected to make the playoffs this year with an upgraded core, but half of them were replaced by Blake […]

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Luck of the Irish

Initially, I had planned to write about this Celtics team in July, post-Hayward, pre-Irving. Due to laziness, I let that opportunity slip by, but my patience was rewarded in late August, as were fans that were hopeful for an actual entertaining NBA season. Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas found themselves swapping places, and the Cavaliers […]

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Charlotte’s Conundrum

George Shinn, an entrepreneur from North Carolina, was awarded the 24th franchise in the NBA’s rapidly expanding league on April 5th, 1987. The city of Charlotte suddenly had a professional basketball team after decades of being known as a hotbed for college basketball. After the community made a vote of it, the Charlotte Hornets were […]

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Jimmy and the Wolves

I told you I’d get back to the NBA eventually. I’ll get around to covering the entire off season, but currently, I’d like to talk about one team specifically, the Minnesota Timberwolves. I truly believed they were going to be the breakout team of last season after watching Wiggins and Towns play together in 2015-16, […]

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White Collar Loyalty

Imagine you’ve been working for the same company for nine years, and the situation was getting pretty stale to you. The pay is decent, the people are fine, some of them you’ve formed genuine friendships with, but it’s just not working out. You’re ready for something new. No one would ever look twice at you […]

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NBA: Postmortem

Even I expected this series to go six. I also assumed the Cavaliers were going to be as physical in the first two games of this series as they were in Game 3 and Game 5, but since they lost those two games anyway, I suppose that shit doesn’t really matter. The Warriors just operated […]

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2017 NBA Finals, Game 5

Ideally, the series would’ve ended on Friday. It definitely would’ve made this piece much easier to write; more conclusive. A 73-win team falls apart with a 3-1 lead in the Finals, adds the second-best player in the world, cruises through the regular season and then dominates the playoffs; culminating in a sweep of the playoffs. […]

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